MW Fletcher

Following the Yom Kippur war of October 1973, OPEC raises the price of oil by 70% along with a 5% reduction in oil production. Len Saunders a highly skilled and knowledgeable British engineer for Jaguar motors, is approached by the UK energy commission in the January of 1974 to create a new propulsion system; using a secret document from a German WW2 scientist, that they have come into possession of. Len Saunders sets to work on creating the holy grail of energy. Seven years later 1981, Haidar Farooq the Kuwait oil minister working at OPEC and head of a secret organisation named Black Gold becomes aware of this research and its fruition and he cannot allow it to become a new energy source. Len Saunders dies in what appears to be a hit and run road traffic collision, his research work goes missing. Fast forward to 1988, Robin Saunders an officer in the British Parachute regiment learns that his father’s death was no accident and whom was behind it. He resigns his commission and what follows is death and destruction on an immense scale. The stakes are high; the dice have been rolled and this deadly game is afoot. Again, Max Storm and the Operational Strike Command must enter the arena against one of their own. The OSC is Britain’s first and last line of offence.

What would a British Scientific Nobel prize winning Professor and the head of a South American Drugs Cartel have in common? Professor Winston Alexander Hooke is the head of the Advanced Genetic Biotechnology (AGB) Research Centre that is the largest agricultural research centre in the United Kingdom. Two years ago, a government subcommittee had approached him to find a way to eradicate the opium poppy plant; the Project became known as Project Reaper. He succeeds and the results will be devastating to the opium plant. Toledo Verdugo is the head of the Verdugo cartel in Bucaramanga Colombia. His empire has thrived on the cultivation of the opium plant and selling the Heroine derived from it, to whomever can afford it from him. When Verdugo learns of this Project Reaper he is not going to allow anything to interfere with his business. He hatches a plan and the consequences result in chaos and bloodshed on the streets and the skies above Britain. As a result of this Max Storm, Major Strayker and the Operational strike Command have once more to step up to the plate in an attempt to bring order to the chaos and retribution to people who have instigated it. From the UK to the Maldives, Washington USA and South America there will be no hiding from the OSC. The OSC; is Britain’s first and last line of offence.

What is Red Mercury and does it exist? Up until now, it has been looked at as mythical pure fusion bomb, which the Russians may well have developed. However, should it truly exist and should it fall into the wrong hands, it has the potential to cause destruction on an enormous scale. A secret Russian weapons research facility has sent a clandestine cargo on a flight out of the USSR to London and then on a British Airways flight to New York. The plane never makes it to the USA as it catches fire and goes down in the Atlantic, with all lives lost. Suspicions are raised about some of its cargo and MI5 hire an American salvage company to retrieve it. However once on American soil it mysteriously disappears. In several weeks time the Russian President will come to Washington to sign the SALT-1 agreement, with the American President. There are people from within both countries that do not want this to happen and they have devised a devastating plan, the consequences that may well start WW3. The US President and the Russian Prime Minister both contact the British Prime Minister asking for her help in the form of Max Storm and the OSC, working on the premise that they both have traitors amongst their respective communities and to utilise their own people would result in failure to stop the impending catastrophe. The OSC arrive covertly on US soil in an attempt to avert WW3. On top of this, a high profile IRA terrorist’s escapes custody and begins a reign of terror in London. Max Storm and the OSC are the UK’s first and last line of offence.

The seizing of a British yacht by the Libyans, is followed by the OSC going in to rescue the high profile passenger and the crew. The cost; one of Colonel Gadhafi’s sons is killed. A London Bank is raided with the occupants taken hostages. One of the hostages a young woman from Russia is executed in cold blood in front of the television cameras. Three brothers attached to the SPETSNAZ in Moscow whilst watching the world news, recognise the young woman as their sister. Whilst practicing; covering the fourth stage of the Dakar rally across the Libyan section; The Prime Minister’s son is taken prisoner by Gadhafi. The British Prime Minister is given a ten-day deadline to comply with a single demand, for the return of her son. In the following days, The Prime Minister comes under attack on her own front door, Downing Street. The Police officer in charge of the Bank heist is also attacked by gunmen. Four men; from two totally different countries want Retribution against the British Prime Minister. This could bring the country into a war with two countries, one of which is a nuclear super power. If ever Max Storm and the OSC were needed it was surely now. Britain’s first and last line of offence.