Mark McCaighey

Atten-shun! We present ready for your inspection The Dad’s Army Movie Dossier. A new and original book that targets Jimmy Perry and David Croft’s classic1971 movie spin-off from their top ranking BBC TV sitcom. Under the cover you’ll discover such information as why the making of the film proved to be at times a frustrating experience for Jimmy Perry, why the sequel movie entitled Dad’s Army and the Secret U-boat Base never emerged and how Clive Dunn (Corporal Jones) nearly submerged in a stunt involving a horse, a raft and a river. As well as behind-the-scenes anecdotes, there are quotes from the writers and stars, character and actor biographies, a bumper quiz and more. There is also a passing salute to the 2015 Dad’s Army movie. So, get yourself kitted out with The Dad’s Army Movie Dossier an entertaining and informative book that is an absolute must-have for Dad’s Army fans of all ages. At ease!

Aha! It’s ‘The I’m Alan Partridge Quiz & Trivia Book’ 100 questions featuring Norwich’s very own broadcasting legend and embarrassing son. Test your knowledge on all twelve episodes of ‘I’m Alan Partridge’ from his pro-longed stay at the Linton Travel Tavern to his static caravan days with Sonja, his Ukrainian girlfriend. This excellent book also has a ‘Fact of the Day’ accompanying each episode and in ‘Partridge’s Particles’ some of the key moments in the life of the nation’s favourite broadcaster are highlighted. Needless to say, ‘The I’m Alan Partridge Quiz & Trivia Book’ will entertain and inform (just like Alan himself) and is an absolute must-have for Partridge fans of all ages.

Rigsby is back in this original, interesting and fun book which celebrates one of the most popular British sitcoms of all time – Rising Damp. The goings on at Rigsby’s place have been addictive viewing ever since the front door of his dilapidated boarding house opened in 1974. During the seventies, 18 million viewers would enjoy following the ups but mainly the downs of the principal characters. Rupert Rigsby, the seedy landlord played to perfection by Leonard Rossiter, Alan Moore (Richard Beckinsale) the naive medical student, Miss Jones (Frances de la Tour), spinster and the unwanted recipient of Rigsby’s affections and the confident Philip Smith (Don Warrington) the son of an African tribal chief, or so he claimed. In this book there are 300 thought provoking questions covering all 28 episodes from the four series and the movie. Along with the quizzes you’ll find fascinating behind the scenes information about the writer, the stars and those who visited or stayed, albeit briefly as tenants in Rigsby’s bleak house. Featuring an exclusive Foreword by the creator and writer of the series Eric Chappell, this is the ultimate book on one of Britain’s most popular sitcoms ever and its iconic character Rigsby – the heaven sent landlord from hell.