Len Marshall

A tale of international espionage, computer hacking and strategic subterfuge. The plot twists and turns, involving several Nation States, following a piece of malware virus designed to disable satellite locating devices in orbit. Two mercenary hackers sell their time to the highest bidders. This is offset by a developing relationship with one of the hackers and the owner’s son who works for the manufacturer of the location satellites.

Unbeknown to both, they each believe in the spiritual doctrine of The Law of Attraction, and incorporate this principle within the mainframe of their server. What emerges is a cat and mouse game of spiritual versus conventional computer solutions.

The Ripples of Ann Arbor begins in the beautiful State of Michigan USA. Kathy, a very shy seven year old girl sat quietly in the back of her grandmother’s car. Her parents had tragically been killed in a horrific car accident and Kathy was in the car when they died just four days earlier; now she was waiting for the funeral service. Checking her fingernails she looked for any remaining blood that had not been scrubbed away by her Grandmother. The ripple of that day would stay with Kathy for the rest of her life and continue to spread to every part of her existence.

In this incredible story the plot unlocks a tragic story, set against a lifetime of despair and adversity to face her demons. She embarks on a trail of destruction that just cannot stop leading to a really surprising ending. Just like the Ripples of her life.