Jim Slater

All Shapes and Sizes is a real blockbuster of a book, taking the reader on an action-packed and wonderfully meandering journey through the history of film and television. With enough technical details to please dedicated fans of cinematic history, yet presented in a way that will fascinate even the most casual viewer, this is a must-read for anyone who has wondered about the technology behind both the big and small screens.

Authors Grant Lobban (a highly respected ex-BBC projectionist) and Jim Slater (a broadcasting engineer known for his expertise in digital technologies) have succeeded in writing a highly readable and copiously illustrated technical presentation of the history and technology of film as it has been used in the cinema and television industries since their inception.  Taking great pains to explain the many different technologies involved in a manner that is understandable to the novice whilst providing sufficient detail to satisfy the expert and the enthusiast, Lobban and Slater educate and fascinate in equal measure.

Our tour through this varied and extensive subject is a guided one, with each chapter focusing on a particular facet of film or television. Clear and detailed explanations are given throughout, accompanied by a wealth of illustrations, plenty of which are actual clips from the films being discussed.

With the inclusion of many stories from their own expansive careers, the book has at heart a personal touch and promises to delight all readers from the student seeking knowledge of expert film restoration techniques to those wishing to dip in and out casually as their whim dictates.