Euan McAllen

The Maze divides up the land, isolating communities and loved ones, and hated ones. On the Outside, the League of Monasteries rules supreme. On the Inside, the Kingdom rules in ignorance of its own isolation, free of all Gods. At its centre, the Village struggles to survive. This is a story of confusion, conflict, deception and double-crossing between members of a dysfunctional Royal Family. It is also the story of a despotic Chief Monk, and the story of an orphaned village girl wishing for a better life. By the end the emotional complexity, hurt and betrayals overwhelms all.

In the second instalment of the Maze Trilogy, religious fanaticism invades the village at the centre of the Maze: that and strangers from the kingdom usher in a period of change in which chaos rules. Meanwhile, on the outside of the Maze, murder, torture and treachery stalk the politics of the monastery as the despotic Chief Monk pursues the top job. The monastery hospital incarcerates its patients and makes them sicker in body and soul, not better. It is a story of birth, rebirth and renewal; revolution, drug abuse, gang warfare and social unrest; rape, revelations, lies and deceit. But the Maze stands firm.