Dana Cavicke

Claim Forfeit contains three newly-written tales of Black Simon of Norwich, Captain of the Men-at-Arms to Sir Nigel Loring – a character originally brought alive by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, better known as the creator of Sherlock Holmes.
Along with a scene-setting prologue, the tales contained within this collection are:
-How Black Simon’s Heart Darkened
-How Black Simon Captained the Men-at-Arms Under William de Bohun at the Battles of Brest & Morlaix During the War of Breton Succession
-Black Simon’s Captivity at the Hands of La Muette on the Island of Sark.
These exciting page-turners of medieval adventure will appeal not only to those who love Conan Doyle’s early work, but fans of historical fiction in general. Author Dana Cavicke successfully combines familiar characters with the spirit of the original novels and a sprinkle of wry humour, giving fans a thoroughly modern reboot to the canon.