A M Keen

In one single day the entire UK changed, and could never revert back to normality. Bombs detonated in every major city across England, releasing the little known ‘Non Compos Mentis Virus,’ and with it destroying seventy-five percent of the population. However, the virus didn’t kill those who contracted it, but instead infected their minds and senses, turning them in to violent psychopaths that can feel no pain and also gave them a new goal in life; to destroy anyone who does not carry the same virus. Bucky Jackson awakes from a minibus crash that killed most of his school cricket team. Rescued by his friend Johnny, the remaining kids and teachers seek sanctuary inside a hardware shop in a small, Northamptonshire town.

As the days pass, they decide to try for a safe zone at a football stadium a few towns away. With every step danger lurks, not only from the zombies that swarm the area in their thousands, but more so from the handful of people who survived the virus outbreak. As their journey continues, Bucky is looked to as a leader to help them reach their destination. They encounter killer clowns, hordes of the undead and an organised crime outfit as well as dealing with treachery within their own group. Bucky must learn to unite his team and teach them to rely on each other, as their journey may be longer than anticipated….