Andrews UK offer a choice of publishing models to suit all authors, both new and experienced. We provide everything you need allowing you and your readers to digitally download and also potentially physically hold your book including; ISBNs, proof reading and cover art as well as extensive world wide sales coverage. All work is carried out manually to the same high quality standard you could expect from a major publishing house.

As well as digital eBook creation and distribution, we also offer physical print book creation and sale options for authors. Traditionally, if an author wanted to publish a paperback, an investment of tens of thousands of pounds would be required to cover typesetting, production, manufacturing, warehousing, transport and distribution of an initial print run. We can now offer a more cost-effective method of seeing your book in print, a service called print on demand. This means that your book is listed for sale with major retailers, available to order online (and often in-store), with each copy being manufactured to order. This means that you do not have to pay the traditional publishing costs such as bulk printing and warehousing.

Word CountUp to 20k20k – 80k20k – 80k20k – 80k
Copy editingX
Creation of eBook FileXXXX
Worldwide eBook DistributionXXXX
Monthly Royalty Report and payment1XXXX
& of Income Paid75%75%75%75%
Professional Cover ImageXXXX
Creation of Print VersionXX
Text & Cover approval prior to publicationXX
Free paperback copyX

Submitting your manuscript

Please email a final copy of your manuscript to submissions@andrewsuk.com. Please include a brief description of the book and a bit about yourself as well as your preferred publishing package. Your manuscript will need to pass our quality control checks prior to publishing.

Please look at our ‘author services’ page for additional author services we can offer such as; copy editing, author PR and marketing, cover approval and bespoke cover art.